Top 5 bad driving behaviors of Private Joint Bus in Thailand


Autobuses in Thailand are generally managed by the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority, abbreviated BMSTA. Blue air-con bus, pink ordinary bus, cream-red ordinary bus, renovated ordinary bus, and yellow air-con bus are some of the several varieties of autobuses available. The bus price and route are not the same. However, BMSTA also offered a private joint bus with the major feature of using NGV gas.

The majority of private joint buses are pink or white-blue in color. Bangkok has several private joint bus routes, including the 6, 8, 9, 25, 27, 203, and others. According to statistics, the number of private joint buses in Thailand has decreased in the previous year compared to the year 2020.

However, there are certain unpleasant habits of private joint bus drivers that you may encounter when entering Thailand. Sadly, I would list the top five examples of terrible behavior that happened to Thai autobus drivers.

1.      Tailgating

This is a major poor behavior that is incredibly harmful and risky of causing a car accident on Thailand’s roads. It causes car crashes with the surrounding vehicles. Badly, in certain situations, the passenger on the autobus may have suffered bodily injury as a result of the accident.

2.      Drive speedily

Some private joint bus drivers drive extremely quickly. That is one of the inappropriate behaviors. It is also a risky cause of an accident since the driver may be unable to immediately brake or stop the vehicle when an emergency situation arises.

3.      Wrong signaling

You can find it often in some cases. There are some drivers who make mistakes in opening the signals when they change lanes. Such as willing to turn left but opening the lights signal. It leads to the confusion of other drivers on the road. It can lead to the accident because the surrounding car may misunderstand and lead to the car crash.

4.      Rolling through stop sign

Some bus drivers are disregarding traffic signals and other traffic signs. There are some situations, such as when an autobus runs a red light, which results in the payment of red light ticket fines. Unfortunately, failing to stop at red lights may cause other individuals to suffer serious harm or death as buses collide with people.

5.      Honk the horn

This is one of the driver’s poor habits. Some drivers are impatient who often honk at other automobiles on the road in front of the autobus. It is clearly visible when the red light and almost green light are present. It caused other drivers to panic.


These are the top five examples of private joint bus drivers that you can face when coming to Thailand. If you plan to purchase a car to drive, car insurance in Thailand is significant. If your car is breaking down caused by the accident with Thai autobus according to the bad behavior above. Car insurance from Rabbit Care is highly recommended since it covers the dealer garage all over Thailand and the repairing costs are covered as well. You can visit and see more on Rabbit Care website, where you can find your most suitable plan.

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