Silicone Dressings with Innovation: Winner Medical Manufactured

Silicone foam dressing with border is a high-quality, advanced, technically innovative wound dressing product from Winner Medical. It addresses the pain points of traditional dressings and adds the benefits of being very wound recovery friendly for all major medical applications. Take a look at their details.

Product Features

Super absorbent. silicone foam dressing with border uses advanced foam technology and has a strong exudate absorption capacity, absorbing up to 18 times its weight in exudate. The special foam structure can store 5 times its weight of exudate in the product after absorbing it, and it can be used normally under external pressure without releasing.

Winner Medical adopts advanced hypoallergenic adhesive material, which can provide good protection for dry skin and delicate skin when applied and removed. It does not adhere to the wet wound surface, reducing trauma to the wound surface and pain when changing. The absorbent layer foam pad will swell and protrude rapidly after absorbing exudate, making the dressing fit the wound more closely, reducing cavities and exudate residue, and reducing the risk of maceration and infection occurrence.


Winner Medical’s silicone foam dressing with border is effective in reducing the pain of dressing changes. At the same time, the dressing is available in a variety of sizes and formats to meet different clinical needs. Please visit the Winner Medical website for more information.



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