Doses made of Nitro Pepsi hit stores next month, and are available to pre-order.

Carbon dioxide is a component of beverages that is an organic way to drink. When yeast ferments drinks like wine and beer, these microbes release CO2 which makes the beverages fizzy. It’s the prelude to the modern-day sodas thanks to their carbonation forced. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to add other gasses. Nitrogen is a well-known and, if not typical gas that is added to beverages like cold brew and beer. Then, Pepsi is bringing nitrogen to carbonated soda that are popular.

In what the company claims to be “the first cola to be nitrogen-infused,” Pepsi has announced the coming national introduction of Nitro Pepsi — an novel soda due to launch in March with two canned flavors: Draft Cola and Vanilla Draft Cola.

For those who are new to nitrogen, the first one to ask is “Why do I ever want to drink a carbonated beverage that contains nitrogen?” This is a great question. The scientific answer is that carbon dioxide’s bubbles are larger and may impart a slight unpleasant taste, while nitrogen’s smaller bubbles are more intoxicating to the taste.

Pepsi claims that the result is “softer than an ordinary soft drink” (an admittedly clever phrase). “It’s smooth, creamy and stunning with a stream of tiny bubbles that is and topped with a fluffy foamy head,”” Pepsi continues.

Incredibly, Pepsi has been developing the nitrogen soda for 2019 and Food & Wine got our personal taste test of the new version and compared the drink “to drinking the equivalent of a Pepsi floating drink, but with no ice cream.” Our expert added, “It’s richer and fuller on the palate , but recalling its carbonated sibling.”

Nitrogen is also a distinctive drinking experience. Guinness — one of the first companies to use canned nitrogen technology was famous because of their “widget” as well as Nitro Pepsi utilizes a similar “unique widget that is placed in the bottom of every can.” The inclusion of this device implies that the soda must be served differently, serving it cold , but not on ice, the following day “hard pouring” the can into glasses to let the nitrogen flow.

“While soda has been a drink of choice for a lot of consumers in the past century, many people complain about the high carbonation as an obstacle to drinking ice-cold cola. In this regard, we decided to create an entirely new method for people to have a great time drinking Pepsi soda and have a fresh sensation around the bubbles” Todd Kaplan, Pepsi’s director of marketing, stated in an announcement. “Much as nitrogen has revolutionized the categories of coffee and beer we believe Nitro Pepsi is a huge leap in the cola category , and will revolutionize cola for many future years.”

Both kinds that are available of Nitro Pepsi will be sold in four-packs or single-serve containers and cans. The release date for the official version is March 28. Or, if you’re eager to claim you bought it before you can pre-order it at today.

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