Tutoring companies face strong competition from other individuals and independent tutors. Independent tutors can often afford to charge reduced rates, which makes them more appealing to numerous potential customers – so how do companies position themselves to attract clients despite their higher rates? There are many benefits companies offer potential clients that independents don’t – and by emphasizing these benefits, tutoring companies can attract more clients.

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The next five characteristics can set tutoring companies aside from independent tutors. The extra value clients receive from these characteristics justify the higher rates that companies charge – companies simply need to make clients aware of the benefits in order to attract more clients.

1. Time Savings

It’s quite easy to become an independent tutor, so might there be many individuals with a wide selection of education, experience and skills in this field. People looking for tutoring services typically look for a balance between the quality of the teaching they’ll receive and the price they’ll pay. However, evaluating independent tutors to ascertain the quality of their teaching can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Companies might help by completing this process for people.

Most tutoring companies have hiring processes in place for screening resumes, conducting interviews, evaluating experience and skills, completing background checks and more. They spend time finding high quality tutors, which saves parents and students out of this process. Parents and students can simply ask a company how they screen their teachers and based on the response they’ll quickly manage to determine if the company could have high-quality teachers.

2. Quality

Not just do thorough screening processes save parents and students time when trying to find tutors, they also help tutoring companies find top-quality tutors. As companies gain more experience they will have the ability to refine their hiring processes to get better teachers – this can cause a better reputation and the ability to command higher rates.

As well as finding high quality teachers, tutoring companies also will often have more established systems for handling scheduling, billing, communication and performance tracking than independents. Established systems which have been honed through the years make the whole tutoring process go smoother for clients which can be valuable to numerous clients. Some independent tutors might be organized however the probability of finding one with well-established processes that ensure a clean teaching process is less than with companies.

3. Accountability

Another advantage tutoring companies have over independent tutors is that they have more committed to their reputations. Whereas independent tutors could have a couple students and depend on free advertising, companies have tens or lots of students and invest 小三補習 considerable money in marketing and building their brands. In order to build and protect their brands, tutoring companies have more motivation than independent tutors to make certain their students receive top-quality teaching. Mention your business’s reputation in your marketing materials and when meeting with potential clients, talk about how many years you have been around in business, how many students you’ve tutored, the size of your company and more. Most of these things demonstrate that you’re an established company that is obviously doing something right and that has a reputation to uphold.

4. The Right Fit

The x-factor in the tutor-student relationship is how well a student and tutor get along. Lots of this has related to the personality of the two individuals. This relationship features a large impact on the potency of a tutor and often can’t be evaluated before tutor and student have now been working together for a while. The situation with independent tutors is that the parent has likely invested significant time into finding the ideal tutor – one with the right education, experience and skills. If the tutor and student’s personalities conflict the parent will need to settle for poor results or will need to begin the tutor search throughout again.

Tutoring companies make it easier to complement the right teacher to the right student. Companies have screened their teachers so most ought to be high-quality. In case a tutor and student don’t get along well, the company can assign a fresh one to the student with little disruption.

5. Focused on Teaching

Independent tutors often face the challenge of managing both the administrative and the teaching side of these business. This can be a distraction because the independent tutor is not focused solely on teaching his or her students, but rather must also concentrate on finding new students, billing, collecting payments, etc.

Tutor’s in doing work for a company or agency are able to focus solely on teaching their students whilst the company’s admins handle the administrative work. This results in more focused and productive tutors that may teach better.

6. Reliability

Tutoring companies can usually offer more reliable service than independent tutors. When unexpected events appear such as an illness, moving, and other problems a company is able to quickly assign a fresh tutor to a student and continue where the final one left off. When the exact same unexpected events produce an independent tutor, the student may need to get a time period without tutoring or will need to look for a new teacher entirely. Even whenever a new one is found, the transition won’t be seemless simply because they won’t have the teaching records from the prior tutor to refer to. The power for tutoring companies to offer reliable service is a certain benefit and many parents and students are willing to pay extra for it.

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