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When you have a business that needs custom printed shirts, screen printing is a great option. You can create an excellent design on virtually any material with screen printing, but you need a lot of space, special chemicals, and special chemicals. While screen printing looks good, it’s not practical for large orders, and it requires multiple layers of color for each shirt. There are other options for custom shirt printing, including sublimation and water-based inks.

Screen printing works by wiping ink over a printed image. If the artwork includes several colors, a separate screen is prepared. Depending on the type of ink, you can use plastisol, water-based, discharge, or a specialty ink. Specialty inks include fluorescent, puff, cracking, and flock. To ensure that the image is printed properly, follow the instructions for the specific printing method.

If you decide to use a print company, you should ask for samples of finished shirts. If possible, go to their shop to see how the design will look like once it has been printed on the shirt. Alternatively, you can find a print shop online and read reviews from other customers. A good print shop should offer customer service and a wide variety of products and services. It should also be affordable and convenient. When choosing a shirt printer, make sure to check the print quality and turnaround time.

Custom Ink is a leading printing company with a wide variety of designs. Their website has an extensive catalog of apparel designs and is an excellent choice for custom t-shirt printing. While their prices are higher, they are set on an all-inclusive basis. Custom shirt printings You can also select from their clip-art collection and enjoy live chat support. Most importantly, custom shirt printing companies offer a fast turnaround time. Many of them are easy to work with and offer a variety of payment options.

During the process of custom shirt printing, you will need to submit your design file in a vector format. This is the most versatile format and will ensure a high-quality finished product. Be sure to ask your printer what file types they require, as well as color requirements and file sizes. You can also ask your designer to provide you with final files in one or more of these formats before the print job starts. It is best to provide the printer with a copy of the design file before it is complete.

Once you have your design, you’ll need to decide what type of printing will work best for you. Screen printing and transfer printing are the most expensive methods of custom shirt printing, but they’re the best options for a one-time project. For multiple-color printing, screen printing is the most effective option. Inkodye and transfer printing are both great options for one-time projects, but aren’t as durable as screen printing.

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