If you should be reading this information, it would probably mean that you’ve already involved yourself in lots of backlink building in a journey to have on the initial page of Google. However, things might not need worked out favorably and you might be stuck in the 2nd or 3rd page of Google. Even the most amateur Internet marketer will realize that being on the second page of Google is just like being invisible in the search engines. In reality, many statistics have consistently shown that the initial three Google results on page one get about 70% of the clicks!

Now, which should motivate you to access the initial page of Google. Google has recently switched up its algorithm again and it is has made it even tougher for webmasters to rank their affiliate sites. 꽁머니사이트  This calls for creative measures. One that sticks out in terms of the outcome it will get could be the strategy where you build backlinks to backlinks.

If you have been link building, you may have already created a couple of top quality backlinks to your hard earned money site. They could be articles, videos as well as profile links for that matter. You can multiply the power of these backlinks by sending backlinks to backlinks.

Just imagine if you could send countless links to your existing links. It is feasible for a skilled SEO specialist to use automated tools to send tens of thousands of backlinks in just a couple hours. Unlike a money site, you won’t need to be worried about the sandbox effect as Google won’t ever penalize you for sending links to your existing backlinks. If anything, it could make your existing backlinks stronger. They might start to rank for their particular keywords with the added link juice that you will send them.

Just like any other SEO process, this isn’t a sudden effect. You’ve to provide a one or two month timeframe for everything to work. The reason being Google will simply slowly crawl all of the links you send to your existing backlinks. Even although you use automated software, it will take a few weeks for all the links to have indexed in Google. However when that happens, your hard earned money site will receive a huge boost in rank that you’d have not experienced before. Made people think away from box and most will create backlinks and just leave them since it is. The onus is on one to make the most of these records and begin to provide your existing backlinks an essential boost.

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